Driverless Shuttles

for in-campus travel

  • Reduces operating cost by 40-60% (by removing driver cost)
  • Electric powered (no pollution, no noise)
  • 24x7, all weather operation
  • 100% accident safe
  • No special rails or dedicated pathways required

Safe and modern solution for in-campus travel

Using such an electric powered self driving shuttles in place of manually driven golf carts and mini buses reduces the operation cost (by removing driver fee) and improves efficient & consistency of operation. Such driverless shuttles can be used at:

University Campuses

For transportation of injured students and senior professors

Theme parks

Travel at amusement parks, national gardens, zoo etc.

Retirement Community

On-demand mobility of senior people within gated colony


Transporting guests to nearby beach, restaurant, club center



Available for pre-order
Launching in 2016

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    Auro Shuttles uses latest technology to ensure safe navigation even on busy roads. The vehicle is equipped with Lasers, camera, Radar and GPS providing it complete 360 degree vision under all environment situations.


    The shuttles relies on a prior 3D map of the environment, which is created once in the lifetime at the beginning. In all subsequent runs, it uses this 3D map to localise itself and interpret road topography.

    Passengers can input their destinations through a simple to use touch screen mounted on the vehicle, or through their mobile app. The underlying software automatically figures out the optimum high-level route to reach safely to the destination.

    Auro Prime is a complete self driving vehicle equipped with all autonomous driving features. It includes:

    • Obstacle detection and collision avoidance

    • Road & lane detection and following

    • Pedestrian detection and avoidance

    • Emergency braking system

    • Adaptive speed control, as per the traffic situation

    • Traffic signs & signal recognition, and following

About Us

We live and breathe robotics.

We started our journey from IIT Kharagpur in India, and are now playing at the very center of Silicon Valley. We were part of Summer 2015 batch of Y Combinator. We are currently doing pilots in Santa Clara University in Bay Area. Come check us out to have a test ride on our autonomous shuttle. 



  • Founded

    Jan 2011

    Founded Robotics Research Group in IIT Kharagpur                                                                                                                                        

  • Bootstrapped


    Bootstrapped it for 2 years, making 3 outdoor autonomous robots                                                                                              

  • CMU thesis

    May 2013

    Our co-founder went to CMU Robotics Institute to do a joint Masters thesis on autonomous vehicles

  • Under top 10

    June 2013

    Secured under top 10 rank all over the world in Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC 2013) held in Michigan

  • Funded 1

    Oct 2013

    Brought $400k of funding for the research group through IIT Kharagpur                                                                        

  • Insti Project

    Nov 2013

    Opened an institute project with 5 professors and 30 researchers at Centre for Robotics in IIT Kharagpur generating more than 15 PhD and Master theses

  • Startup

    Dec 2013

    Spun it off into this startup upon graduation to take things to the next level

  • Public Demo

    March 2014

    Gave first Successful Public Demo in IIT Kharagpur campus                                                                      

  • Funded 2

    June 2014

    Seed funded and incubated by IIT Kharagpur                                                                  

  • Grant

    Sept. 2014

    Received grant from DSIR, Govt. of India for development and commercialisation of technology

  • Parking

    Nov. 2014

    Developed and demonstrated Autonomous Parking System                                                    

  • Founded

    Jan 2015

    Pivoted the business to Driverless Shuttles for in-campus travel                                                  

Our Team



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Auro Robotics, Inc

Address: 952 Poplar Ave, Sunnyvale, CA, US

Telephone: +1-408-431-7342