Driverless Shuttles

for in-campus travel

  • Reduces operating cost by 40-60% (by removing driver cost)
  • Electric powered (no pollution, no noise)
  • 24x7 and all-weather operation
  • No special rails or dedicated pathways required
  • Comes with fleet management software and mobile app

Safe and modern solution for in-campus travel

Such driverless shuttles can be used at:

University Campuses

For transportation of injured students and senior professors

Theme parks

Travel at amusement parks, national gardens, zoo etc.

Retirement Community

On-demand mobility of senior people within gated colony


Transporting guests to nearby beach, restaurant, club center



Available for pre-order
Launching in 2016

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    Auro uses latest technology to ensure safe navigation even on busy roads. The vehicle is equipped with Lasers, camera, GPS and multiple blind spot detection sensors providing it complete 360 degree vision upto 100 meters in all lighting conditions. The shuttle sensor stack is even capable of detecting people / pets lying flat on the ground.

    Auro come with cloud based fleet management software and a web based interface for on-site operator. It would also be possible to do tele-monitoring and remote control of the shuttles in emergency situations through the operator interface.

    Auro support both fixed route / schedule navigation, as well as on-demand mobility through a mobile app. Using this app, riders would be able to summon and track the location of shuttles in real time. Users would also be able to input the destination through a simple to use touch screen mounted inside the vehicle.

    Auro relies on a prior 3D map of the environment, which is created by us in the begining by manually driving around the campus. This 3D map is marked with all the semantic information such as road markings, speed limit, no-go zones, stop locations etc. In the subsequent runs, the shuttle uses this 3D map to localize itself and navigate according the the interpretations provided by the semantic information.  

    Auro can easily go upto 15 mph autonomously, and can travel over 90 miles in a single charge. Because of 3D mapping technology, the shuttle is capable of working even in GPS denied areas, such as those with heavy tree cover or high rise buildings. 

About Us


We are a team of young and passionate robotics engineers. We were part of Summer 2015 batch of Y Combinator, and since then, have raised seed investment helping us grow our team and deploy more shuttles. Some of the investors backing us include angels such as one who used to lead AI efforts at Google, former director of Engineering at Tesla Autopilot, automobile focused VC firm called Motus Ventures and VR/ AR & robotics focused fund called Rothenberg Ventures. 

We are hiring - checkout our jobs page. We are looking for passionate and smart people who love being hands-on and can take ownership of the product / module.


  • Founded

    Jan 2011

    Founded Robotics Research Group at IIT Kharagpur, India

  • Startup

    Dec 2013

    Spun it off into this startup upon graduation

  • Funded 2

    Jun 2014

    Seed funded and incubated by IIT Kharagpur and Govt. of India

  • Under top 10

    Apr 2015

    Got selected into Y Combinator start-up accelerator (class of summer 2016)

  • Funded 1

    May 2015

    Full team moved from India to USA                                                                        

  • Insti Project

    Sept. 2015

    Started first pilot runs at Santa Clara University

  • Startup

    Mar 2016

    Raised $2M in seed financing from some of the best angels and VCs

  • Public Demo

    ... Aug 2016

    First paid deployment of Autonomous Campus shuttles in US, by Aurobots

Our Team



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Auro Robotics, Inc

Address: 653 N. Winchester Blvd., Santa Clara, CA, US

Telephone: +1-408-431-7342